Elins H900 5G Router
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Elins H900 5G Router

H900 5G Router for high speed 5G Internet connectivity

  • Ideal for use with a 5G Fixed IP SIM Card
  • Dual SIM failover
  • Secure VPN
  • Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • 802.11AC WiFi for high speed 5G WiFi Hotspot


Elins H900 5G Router uses the tried and tested, reliable H900 4G router hardware but has a new high speed 5G modem inside.  This embedded 5G modem makes this router a highly reliable, high speed, industrial router solution for remote access and monitoring.  The H900 5G router would be ideal to provide high speed 5G CCTV Internet connectivity when used with a 5G Fixed IP SIM card.

The H900 Industrial 5G Router offers blistering performance in 5G locations, this router is a welcome addition to the E-lins Advanced Router range. In addition, this router comes with with I/O and VPN supported as standard.  It is an extremely powerful and programmable industrial mobile router with high performance and a hardened casing design for high speed 5G Internet Access using the latest technologies.

High Speed 5G Internet

The 5G H900 5G Router is an ideal wireless data transfer device for applications transferring large data loads.  The fast transfer speed over 5G networks make it possible to send large amounts of data in a short time.  VPN features can also be configured in the router, allowing you to utilise virtual private network services through the wireless router and built for the stresses and workload of a modern industrial or commercial environment.

The 5G H900 5G Router is also well-suited for M2M Connectivity in harsh or remote environments because of its rugged metal casing, Input/Output port, DIN-rail mounts and operating range of -30 to +70 degrees.

Wi-Fi is standard with this device.


H900 Features

  • Multi-carrier 2G/3G/4G LTE and 5G
  • 2 x Gigabit and 2 x Fast Ethernet Ports
  • Cellular/WAN RJ45/WiFi client failover supported
  • Supports VRRP
  • Muiltiple External antenna connectors enable the use of higher gain antenna
  • SMS, SSH/Telnet/Command, SNMP
  • Dual-band or Tri-band, dual concurrent WiFi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4Ghz + 5Ghz)
  • Certified 3G/4G/5G enterprise/industrial grade internal modems
  • Built-in transient and reverse polarity voltage protection, over-current and over-voltage protection
  • 5-40V DC voltage input range (5-60V DC option), Dual Power Inputs / Power Failover
  • Passive POE is supported (optional)
  • GPS / GNSS / Beidou supported (optional)
  • Serial Ports * 1 or 2
  • Console Port
  • DI/DO port * 4
  • Supports Ethernet (T1, DSL, Cable, MetroE), WiFi as WAN, and Metro WiFi;
  • Ruggedised to ensure always-on connectivity
  • Offers secure, Guest WiFi to customers
  • Advanced security, VPN, and stateful firewall to protect sensitive data
  • Robust Metal Case is ruggedised for vibration, shock and provides IP30 protection
  • Desktop, Wall-mount and Din-rail mounting available
  • CE, RoHS, CCC

H900 Antennas

The 5G router comes with 4 x Internal Stubby antenna as standard.  As 5G signals can sometimes struggle to penetrate building walls, it is recommended that external antenna are installed where possible.  Please view the 2×2 MIMO antenna which is available separately.  You would need two of these as the 5G router is 4×4 MIMO.  Alternatively you could use a 4×4 MiMo antenna.

This industrial 5G router is supplied with an i/o terminal block.  You will need to connect the power cable to this block, which is a simple operation.

For more information on 5G, please visit the sites below:




Dual SIM 5G Router

The H900f-w is a dual sim router.  This means it has two SIM card slots.  This does not mean that it can create two simultaneous connections.  The reason this router has an extra SIM card slot is so when it it being used for a mission critical 5G Internet connection, if the primary 5G network is unavailable the H900 can switch to the backup 5G network SIM.

If you were looking for a dual modem 5G router to provide a bonnded 5G Internet connection then this is not the router for you.  In fact, most bonded 5G Internet routers rely on a central bonding service so that the multiple 5G connections can connect to the bonding server which creates a single tunnel and breaks this out onto the internet as a single, high speed connection.  If you just buy a dual modem 5G router without any other type of bonding service (usually a monthly paid service) then you could use both 5G modems at the same time but the router would just load balance the connections rather than boning them.

If you need a bonded 5G Internet service then we would normally recommend using an SD-WAN solution.


An SD-WAN service will provide an SDWAN box into which you will connect several Internet services.  For example, if you need to provide a higher speed Internet service for your office you may already have an existing wired broadband service (ADSL / SDSL / FTTC / FTTP) and you want to speed it up by adding a 5G router and also create a built-in 5G backup solution in the event that the wired broadband service is unavailable.  You would connect the wired broadband service and the 5G router into the SD-WAN box.  The SDWAN provider would then see both of these connections and create a bonded internet service and break it out onto the Internet as a single, high speed connection with a single, public IP address.

Bonded 5G

This bonded 5G Internet service would deliver a low latency, high speed Internet service ideal for all browsing, email, video streaming, video calling and VoIP.  You could even scrap your wired broadband service and connect a couple (or more) 5G routers to the SD WAN PRO service and just have a high speed bonded 5G Internet connection that connects to the Internet with a fixed, public IP address so you can use it just like a single wired broadband service.



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