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Bonded 5G Router

If you need a bonding 5G router that is capable of bonding multiple 5G connections to create a super fast 5G internet connection then it is not as simple as just buying a bonding 5G router and inserting the SIM cards.

Bonded Internet requires two parts:-

Part one : Multiple 5G connections

Part two : a central server for the multiple 5G connections to connect to in order to create a bonded Internet service.

If you have a head office and several branch offices then you can be in control of both parts one and two.  You can install multiple 5G connections at the branch office and install the main bonding server device at the head office.  The bvranch office devices can then connect to the central office VPN server and the multiple connections can be bonded together to form a high speed, bonded 5G internet service.

If you just want a bonded 5G Internet service and don’t want to use the bonding 5G router to connect to your head office then you will need to subscribe to a bonding service.  This service will provide the central point for your bonding 5G router to connect to and provide the bonding and connection to the Internet for the bonded service.  This type of solution is called SD WAN PRO.

SD WAN PRO from Speedroute provides you with a managed service, comprising a 3 or 4 port SD WAN PRO Device which lets you connect multiple 4G, 5G and wired Internet services and connects them to the central SD WAN PRO server which bonds the connections together, provides an IPv4 address so that all your connections are presented to the Internet with a single IP address.