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4G Routers

Industrial Grade 4G Routers

If you need a reliable and secure 4G router for your remote access and monitoring application then the Elins 4G router range should have everything you need.  The compact, reliable and secure H685 Router starts the range and has proven to be one of the best selling Industrial 4G routers.  It is loved by installers around the world because of it’s reliable nature and easy installation.  With advanced keep-alive features the H685 ensures that it remains connected to the 4G network.  This reduces downtime and expensive site visits to simply power cycle the router to get it to reconnect to the cell network again.

4G Keep Alive

The reason that Industrial grade routers need these keep-alive features is because 3G, 4G and even 5G cellular Internet connections are an always available rather than an always on service.  So when the cell tower is busy, and new mobile phone users need an internet connection then the cell tower has to suspend Internet to some of the longest connected devices which is usually a 4G or 5G router.

What Happens to the 4G Connection?

The router can still technically see the cell tower but can no longer connect to the Internet, and the pre-defined router between the router and the Internet has been interrupted.  In some cases the connection may be re-established but in many instances the router to the Internet gets discarded by the cellular network.  In order to re-establish the connection from the router to the Internet rather than just from the router to the cell tower, the router needs to reconnect and become one of those new connections (remember, 4G and 5G are always available rather than always on)  so when the router reboots and requests a new 4G connection, it is reconnected and will stay connected until the next time the mobile network kicks it off again.

Cell ICMP Check / Timed Reboot / SMS Reboot

The Cell ICMP check can be configured to check that the router has a connection to the Internet rather than just the cell tower and when the router can longer access the Internet it will assume that it has been disconnected by the service provider and will reboot and re-establish the Internet connection.  The Elins 4G routers can also be programmed to reboot at certain times of the day – this ensures that the 4G connection remains fresh and there is less chance of a disconnection by the network.  The industrial 4G routers can also be told to reboot by sending them an SMS message.  This means that elins industrial grade 4G routers can provide a reliable 4G Internet connection and save time and money.

H685 4G Router

H685 4G Router

The Elins H685t-w 4G Router is an ideal product for industrial applications owing to its form factor, feature set and tough construction. This router is designed to support 3G & 4G M2M applications including Security, Utilities, Monitoring and any other area that requires IP connectivity between a remote device and a central office. The device can be used with Fixed IP SIM cards or normal data SIMs.  It also supports Dynamic DNS where it is possible to use this across the operator’s network.

Mobile data communications using embedded Routers is fast becoming an essential tool for providers field based communications solutions.  The 4G Router is designed to stay on line and connected, it has various stay-alive features giving you peace of mind with remote site communications, particularly CCTV and Telemetry

4G Connectivity

The H685t-W provides a high capacity 4G connection whilst maintaining a reliable, secure and discrete communications service. The device provides an excellent technical capability whilst still offering a commercially  proposition so far not seen in the market compared to other products in this field.

The 4G router stands out with its 2G/3G/ 4G and WAN connection back-up, which keeps users online when one connection fails. This Comms365 4G Router provides users with 2G/3G/4G Preferred and Wired WAN Preferred back-up modes, while many other brands provide one or the other. This brings users a high degree of flexibility when users are setting up their networks taking into consideration connection costs and length of downtime.  Users get 2 Ethernet ports from the device with the LAN port.

Built-In WiFi

Complying with the IEEE 802.11n standard, the Router can establish a WiFi wireless network with transmission speeds of up to 150Mbps, while mitigating data loss over long distances and through obstacles in a small area locally.  Above all, users can easily pick up their wireless network’s signal at longer distances from the router, where with legacy 11g products they would have to be much closer.

H685t-W 4G Router Features:

  • Industrial, robust construction
  • Small and easy to install
  • Ideal for remote unmanned applications
  • Easy to set up and will work out of the box in simple installs i.e. internet access only.
  • Supports external antennas so ideal for remote and low signal strength areas.
  • 4G is capable of up to 150Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speeds
  • Keep alive features utilising PING reboot and SMS
  • WiFi access for local connections
  • Port forwarding facilities for efficient data transfer and connection to multiple devices as well as remote admin.
  • Discrete and robust – doesn’t look like an office product so less likely to be interfered with.
  • Wide voltage range for industrial applications, particularly vehicles with external terminal blocks for direct connections
  • VPN and security functions of normal business router within a secure corporate network

Technical Specification


Cellular Frequencies (depending on location and model requested) – UK bands are standard

  • UMTS/HSPA/HSUPA/HSPA/HSPA+/DC-HSPA+ (WCDMA/FDD): 900/2100Mhz or 850/1900/2100 MHz or 850/900/1900/2100Mhz/AWS;
  • Quad-band EGSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz;
  • 4G FDD LTE:
  • Band 1–2100Mhz
  • Band 2–1900Mhz
  • Band 3–1800Mhz
  • Band 4– AWS(1700/2100Mhz)
  • Band 5–850Mhz
  • Band 7–2600MHz
  • Band 8–900Mhz
  • Band 12–700Mhz
  • Band 13–700(B13)Mhz
  • Band 17–700(B17)/AWS
  • Band 19 – 800Mhz
  • Band 20–DD800Mhz
  • Band 21
  • Band 25 – 1900Mhz G Block
  • Band 31– 450Mhz
  • Other FDD LTE band(some bands are not listed)


  • 4G LTE: Max. 100Mbps downlink, Uplink 50Mbps
  • DC-HSPA+: Downlink 42Mbps, Uplink 5.76Mbps
  • HSPA+(H): Downlink 21Mbps, Uplink 5.76Mbps
  • HSPA+(L): Downlink 14.4Mbps, Uplink 5.76Mbps
  • HSUPA: Downlink 7.2Mbps, Uplink 5.76Mbps
  • HSDPA: Downlink 7.2 Mbps, Uplink 384Kbps
  • WCDMA/UMTS: Downlink, Uplink 384 Kbps
  • EDGE: Downlink 236,8 kbps, Uplink 118 Kbps
  • GPRS: Downlink 85.6 kbps, Uplink 42.8 Kbps


WiFi 802.11b/g/n

SMS/Voice control

SMS/Voice features to control the router, checks status, reboot or notify of alarm incidents

Protocol Support



VPN, IPSec, PPTP Client


  • Security 64/128-bit WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)
  • WPA & WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access)

Advanced Firewall Features 

  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
  • VPN Pass-through
  • Media Access Control
  • CSMA/CA with ACK Certifications
  • RADIUS Client Interface
  • Dynamic Route Feature (BGP, OSPF)
  • LAN
  • 1 x 10/100 LAN port (RJ45 interface)

NB : WAN port can be configured to work as a second LAN port


1 x 10/100 WAN Port (RJ45 interface) – can be used as a failover 4G router using the WAN port as the primary internet connection with failover to 4G in the event of the primary WAN internet becoming unavailable.


LAN RJ45*1, WAN RJ45*1,Serial*1, I/O*2


1 x antenna connection for Wi-Fi (50 Ohm SMA female interface) – supplied with Mag Mount and Stick WiFi Antennas

2 x antenna connection for Cellular (GSM MAIN and GSM AUX (50 Ohm SMA female interface) – supplied with Mag Mount and Stick Cellular Antennas

LED Indicators

LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi, CELL, Signal, VPN, SYS – Activity

Configuration Interface

Web/Telnet, Local RJ45 and WiFi

UIM/SIM Card Slot 

Supports 1.8V/3V UIM/SIM cards


  • DC5V-50V , typical DC 9V1A or 12V1A, 12v Car Use;
  • DC5V~40V is the default, DC5V~50V is optional

Power consumption:


  • Idle: 22mA@12VDC
  • Max: 208mA@12VDC
  • Average:125mA@12VDC


  • Idle: 1.2w@12VDC
  • Max: 2.5w@12VDC
  • Average:2w@12VDC


  • Device Management
  • WEB interface
  • SNMP
  • Minimum System requirements computer with:
  • Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP SP2, Windows 2000 SP4, or Mac OS® X (v10.4/v10.3), Linux
  • Internet Explorer 6 or Mozilla Firefox
  • Network Interface Card / WiFi


  • Operating Temperature
  • Storage: 72°F to 153°F (-40°C to 90°C)
  • Working: 36°F to 126°F (-30°C to 80°C)
  • Humidity: 95% Maximum (Non-condensing)


Item (L x B x H): 100mm x 60mm x 21mm

Package Contents:

  • C365-4G-H685 4G Router
  • CAT5 Ethernet Cable
  • UK Mains Power Adapter
  • 2 x Cellular Antenna – Mag Mount
  • 2 x Optional cellular antennas – stick type
  • 1 x WiFi Antenna – Mag Mount
  • 1 x Optional WiFi antenna – stick type
  • Quick start guide

The router comes with 2 x Internal Stubby antenna as standard. For the best user experience, it is recommended that external antenna are installed where possible. Please view the 2×2 MIMO antenna which is available separately. You would only need one of these as this 4G router is 2×2 MIMO.