Elins H820 4G Router
E-Lins H820 4G Router
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E-Lins H820 4G Router

H820 4G Router from E-Lins

This Elins 4G router provides a single SIM slot and single 4G modem to provide a reliable 4G connection for remote access and monitoring.

Typically used with a Fixed IP SIM card to provide easy remote access, this router provides the user with 4 x 10/100 Ethernet Ports and 802.11 b/g/n WiFi for wired and wireless LAN connectivity.

This Elins router is ideal for 4G CCTV or other M2M remote access and monitoring applications.


H820 4G Router from E-Lins is an industrial grade M2M 4G Router designed for reliability in the field and is used for remote access and monitoring applications.  The Elins H820 router has an embedded 4G modem and single SIM card slot.  This M2M router has 4 x 10/100 Ethernet Ports and 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, thus providing both wired and wireless LAN connectivity. The H820 router is supplied with 2 x 4G antennas for 4G MiMO connectivity and has all the usual features associated with industrial grade 4G routers such as VPN, Port forwarding, firewall and Ping Reboot / Cell ICMP Check.

H820 with a Fixed IP SIM Card

If you need remote access to your 4G router then we recommend using a 4G Fixed IP SIM Card which will provide the H820 with a fixed IP address to enable remote access to the router and therefore access to the connected devices, such as CCTV NVR if you are using the router for 4G CCTV access.  There are two basic types of Fixed IP SIM Card service.

Fixed IP SIM with PUBLIC IP Address

This type of Fixed IP SIM provides the router with a 4G mobile broadband Internet connection with a Public IP address. This means that the router can be connected to from any PC on the public Internet.  If you use a Public IP SIM Card then you will need to ensure that you properly configure all the security settings in the E-Lins H820 router including changing the admin user name and password, disabling other remote access features in the router such as telnet and SSH and of course your connected devices are accessible too.  So if you have a CCTV NVR connected, for example, then you need to ensure that all of your NVR security settings are configured and admin and passwords are changed.

Fixed IP SIM Card with PRIVATE IP Address

This type of Fixed IP SIM provides the router with a private, fixed IP address.  This means that the router cannot be connected to directly from the Internet.  This means that it is a more secure solution, but in order to connect to the router and your connected devices you first of all need to connect via VPN to your fixed IP SIM provider network before you can connect to your Elins H820 4G Router.

What is the difference between the Elins H820 and the E-Lins H685 4G Router?

The Elins H685 4G Router is a compact router with just two Ethernet ports, primarily configured as 1 x LAN and 1 x WAN, whereas the E-Lins H820 4G router has 4 x Ethernet Ports and in order to physically fit these into the router, the casing is roughly twice the size as the H685 router.


If you need faster mobile broadband speeds then you may want to consider using a 5G router and SIM.  With 5G UK roll-out increasing LTE 5G Routers are quickly becoming the equipment of choice for users that need high speed 5G Internet.





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