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Fixed IP SIM Cards

If you need remote access to your Elins 4G Router or 5G Router then we recommend using a Fixed IP SIM Card.

There are two main types of SIM Card with Fixed IP, Private IP Fixed IP SIM and Public IP Fixed IP SIM.


This type of SIM Card provides your Elins router with a fixed, private IP address which is not accessible directly from the Internet.  In order to connect to your router and connected devices you first of all need to create a VPN from your PC to the Fixed IP SIM providers network and you will then be able to access your router and connected devices.  The main advantage of using a Fixed IP SIM with a Private IP address is security.  The router is not exposed to the public Internet so is less liable to be subject to DDOS attacks or similar security issues.


This type of SIM card provides the Elins Router with a Public IP address.  This means that you can connect directly to your router from anywhere on the Internet, and of course this means that your router is also accessible to any other user on the Internet.  In the case of using a public IP fixed IP SIM card you should ensure that you have changed the default user name and password for your router admin and disabled Telnet and SSH and any other services not being used.  You should also ensure that any devices on the LAN side of the router that you are connecting to using port forwarding also have their default user names and passwords changed and enable any security features included ion your devices to prevent unauthorised access.

You should also configure all of your firewall settings when using your E-Lins 4G router or 5G router with a 4G / 5G SIM card with a public IP address.

There are different networks available in the UK that can work with Fixed IP SIMS:-

  • O2 Fixed IP SIM
  • Vodafone Fixed IP SIM
  • EE Fixed IP SIM
  • 3 Mobile Fixed IP SIM

There is also the option of using a roaming fixed IP sim card which can connect using any of the UK mobile networks (EE, O2, Vodafone and Three Mobile).  These SIM cards tend to be steered to a particular network when first connected in the Elins router, but if that network is unavailable then it can use one of the other networks.  Some Elins routers have a network scan feature to be used with roaming SIM cards that will connect to each network in turn, check that the connection is valid and confirm the signal strength and then after is has checked all available networks and signal strengths the router will choose the network with the strongest signal strength.  The router can be configured to perform this network scan every time the router is rebooted.